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Free Range Borders

When is a free-range egg, not a free-range egg? When it’s the wrong side of the border.

I know they like to speak Welsh in Wales, and English in London, but sometimes, you’d think the bureaucrats in the big cities (London and Cardiff) would occasionally get together and speak the language of common sense on matters of disease control.

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All Change

Put a border somewhere and there will come a point when it needs to be crossed. Put two different governments in charge of life on either side of that border and life gets a little more complicated when you need to cross that border.

Take trains, for example. On mainland Europe you can travel by rail through several countries without needing to change. The Venice-Simplon Orient Express runs a service from London to Venice, travelling through England, France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Once you’ve crossed the English Channel, it’s the same train all the way to Venice.

But when it comes to the English/Welsh Borders, things could become a little more interesting.

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