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Ideas and The Complete Article Writer

This feature first appeared in the Spring 2015 issue of Writers’ Wheel, and offers advice on where to find ideas for magazine articles and then develop them further. Ideas and the Complete Article Writer

Dating With Non-Fiction

Got an idea for a non-fiction book? Here’s my tongue-in-cheek guide to developing it’s potential and flirting with a publisher. Dating with Non-Fiction was published in Writers’ Wheel: Dating With Non-Fiction

Free Sample – Wunderlist For Writers

Wunderlist for Writers - Cover

Writers looking to get more organised with their writing projects might be interested in my new eBook: Wunderlist For Writers. It draws upon my experience with this free productivity software, which helps me get things done!

Download a free sample here: Wunderlist For Writers

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Free Sample – The Positively Productive Writer

The Positively Productive Writer

The Positively Productive Writer

How positive is this? Download a free sample of The Positively Productive Writer and kick start your writing!

The Positively Productive Writer – Free Sample

The New Year Business Review

What should writers be doing as the year comes to a close? Download The New Year Business Review to find out. The Business Review

Course You Can

There are many different ways of learning new skills and this article, first published in the Winter 2015 issue of Writers’ Wheel, examines some of the options available to writers. Course You Can

8th December 2015 – One Day Only

The Bluffer's Advent Calendar

The Bluffer’s Advent Calendar

For one day only (8th December 2015) Bluffers are offering The Bluffer’s Guide to Dogs as a free Kindle download. Anyone would think it’s Christmas!

To download your free copy: click here.

Get it for free while you can!

Free Chapter Samples – That’s No Bluff!


Fancy a couple of freebies? Well, you can download a free sample chapter from my Bluffer’s Guide to Dogs and my Bluffer’s Guide to Hiking, but clicking on the links below.


Free sample chapter from the Bluffer’s Guide to Hiking

Free sample chapter from the Bluffer’s Guide to Dogs.

A Positively Productive Writing Career

A Positively Productive Writing Career was first published in the Spring 2014 issue of Writers’ Wheel, and neatly summarises my writing career up until this point. To download a free copy of the article, click here.

Writer’s Wheel Article – Course You Can

My latest article for Writer’s Wheel, the online magazine for writers, is entitled Course You Can and looks at how to make the most from a residential writing workshop. You can download a free PDF version here. Course You Can – Writers’ Wheel – Winter 2014-5

For more information about Writer’s Wheel click here

The Complete Article Writer – Free Sample

The Complete Article Writer

After many months of work, I’m pleased to announce that the series of eight workshops I devised for the 2014 Writers’ Holiday at Fishguard has now been turned into book format: both print and eBook, and both are now available.

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Writer’s Wheel – Issue 2

Front-Cover-Issue-2-StuartThe latest issue of the Writer’s Wheel (Issue 2) has just been published in PDF format by Compass Books.

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