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Beautiful Birdsong

And here it is. My last Mindful Moment of 2016. And to make the most of this you should turn up the volume and listen to the beautiful birdsong that accompanied me on my walk today.

To view all of the mindful moments I recorded this year, click here. You’ll see there are a plethora of visual views, close-up encounters, and aural entertainment.

The weather has been a dominant feature, which is understandable, seeing as my moments have occurred when I’ve been out for my daily walk. (And in case you’re wondering, over the course of 2016 I’ve clocked up 1,003.13 miles.)

It’s been an interesting year-long exercise. Some days were easier than others. On some days I took several videos and then had to decide which one I was going to put up on my website. Other days were harder, as I sought out something to focus on. But throughout 2016 these moments have forced me to stop and take stock of what is around me.

I think you’ll agree, it’s time to go and put my feet up now, for a rest. Happy New Year.

Stretton Fog

More fog today, but this time I clambered up the side of the Long Mynd, and I noticed how the hills on the eastern side of the Stretton Valley appeared to be holding back the fog. Ragleth, Helmeth, Hope Bowdler and Caer Caradoc were acting as one long dam.

Ape Dale Fog

It was so icy this morning my planned route wasn’t safe to do, so I headed up Ragleth Hill once again. There wasn’t anywhere near as much fog about today, but it was perhaps more interesting to look at than yesterday’s, because of the way it interacted with the trees beneath Wenlock Edge and through Ape Dale. So, same weather, but different experience. Amazing.

And I took a photo at 11.41 and uploaded it to the BBC WeatherWatchers website, and fewer then 15 minutes later it was being broadcast on the national weather forecast!

See Fog

That magical moment, when all you can see is fog … below you. Today’s vista is from the summit of Ragleth Hill, and in the distance it was just possible to make out Brown Clee Hill, Shropshire’s highest peak, poking above the fog blanket.

Sourmilk & Easedale

From this vantage point, the journey of the water of Sour Milk Gill can be seen stretching along Easedale, towards its confluence with Easedale Beck and the River Rothay.

Conor Calling

Storm Conor may be a couple of hundred miles away, but standing upright beside Easedale Tarn was not easy. Feel the force of Mother Nature!

Christmas Lights

Christmas Day, and the beauty of ever-changing Christmas Lights. Merry Christmas.

Running Rothay

It all fell yesterday. And now the crystal clear raindrops are running along the River Rothay near Ambleside.

Grasmere Waves

A wander round Grasmere today, and the wind is whipping up the waves. Quite hypnotic, really.

Raging Rothay

A late evening walk around Grasmere today. The wind is getting up. Storm Barbara is on her way, and the River Rothay is beginning to rage.

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