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Blackcurrant Jelly


Donald drummed his fingers against the steering wheel of his Ford Focus, his eyes fixed on the school entrance. 

Any minute now, those doors would fly open and hundreds of happy kids would stream out, overjoyed at their freedom. Then he would see his Suzie emerge, alone and despondent from the challenges she’d had to cope with today.

His stomach cramped as if someone had pushed their hand inside him, wrapped their fingers around his intestines and then squeezed.

Fingers. Everything was about fingers. Ever since that day three months ago. 

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DIY Dodger – A Wrekin Writer Double!

The latest issue of The Weekly News has a story in it I’ve written called DIY Dodger (well, they say ‘write about what you know’). And I’m delighted to see that I share the fiction slot with Julie Phillips. Julie and I both go to the Wrekin Writers group, and we’ve been wondering whether it would be possible for the both of us to be ‘issue buddies’. So whenever we’ve both had a story to submit to The Weekly News, we’ve submitted them at the same time. And it worked! (It took a few attempts, and although we submitted them at the same time, we did so independently.) Here we are as issue buddies.

So this week’s fiction in The Weekly News is provided by Wrekin Writers! 😉 

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Teatime Tales

My next collection of short stories, previously published in a variety of women’s magazines and other outlets, is now available, as is a box set of both volumes.

Teatime Tales Series


Alfie Dog Stories


Two of my short stories (Fledgelings, and Wiggle, Waggle, Woggle) have gone live on the Alfie Dog website today, for you to download to your reading device for the princely sum of 39p each! Enjoy.

What A Dough Nut!

What A Dough Nut - The Weekly News - 27th August 2016

The Incredible Hulk stood on Sarah’s doorstep, staring down at her.

“A deal’s a deal, luv,” he said. “I shook hands with your husband. We agreed. If you don’t give me the dough in the next two hours, this builder isn’t rising to the job.”

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A Job For Life

A Job For Life - the Weekly News - 26th March 2016

The clock in the servant’s hallway chimed six. Havers bent down and picked up the middle of the three highly-polished, black pair of brogues lined up against the wood panelled wall. His eyes lingered on the pair to the right. Mr Birks’ shoes. As Head Butler, Birks’ shoes were a more ornate than Havers’. The stitched-patterning extended around the side of the shoe, whereas Havers’ shoes only had decoration above the toes. In this world, everything reflected one’s position.

“Morning, Mr Havers. Not a problem with your shoes, is there? I worked hard on cleaning those, I did.”

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Deadly Good Stories in Murder in the Sun

Look out for a one-off publication, just out in the shops, called Murder in the Sun. It contains 23 crime stories, including my own Cops & Robbers and Mickey Mouse. The magazine is priced at £2.99 and can be bought directly from here.


The Icing On The Cake!

Woman's Weekly Fiction Special - June 2014

Check out the June 2014 issue of Women’s Weekly Fiction Special, which carries my short story – The Icing On The Cake …

“I’d wanted nothing but the best for my daughter on her special day. Instead, it had been a near disaster. A letter is called for – a stiff one!”


Wave To The Camera!

How many cameras does it take to catch a fridge thief? Continue reading

What Comes After The Naughty Step?

Things were going from bad to worse in the family home, and poor Matthew didn’t know what to do …
After The Naughty Step

“Sitting outside again Matthew?  That’s the second time this week,” Sophie said, putting an arm around her neighbour.

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