Countryfile Snapper

Last night’s Countryfile programme was from Shropshire – in fact, it was from just the other side of the Long Mynd, here in Church Stretton. I’d already climbed Ragleth Hill earlier in the morning, appreciating the sunshine we hadn’t seen for a few days. Walking […]

Sultry Snapper

It’s ben rather hot here in the Welsh Borders, recently. In fact, we’ve not had much rain at all. As the cliché goes, the ground is rock hard … except it isn’t. When I strolled onto the summit ridge of Ragleth Hill today, the ground […]

Gaer Stone Snapper

I did one of my usual walking routes this evening, and there’s a spot on the local lane where there’s  really nice viewpoint of the Gaer Stone on Hope Bowdler Hill. It’s an iconic outcrop, here in Church Stretton. The cloud formation, and colouring, was […]