Gaer Stone Snapper

I did one of my usual walking routes this evening, and there’s a spot on the local lane where there’s  really nice viewpoint of the Gaer Stone on Hope Bowdler Hill. It’s an iconic outcrop, here in Church Stretton. The cloud formation, and colouring, was […]

Snapper Simon Soaked

The forecast for today wasn’t great. I had to go to Shrewsbury (to drop my tax paperwork off at my accountant’s) and so I thought I’d do my daily walk somewhere round there. I suddenly remembered Haughmond Hill, a Forestry Commission site with great parking, […]

Freezin’ February

Well, the Beast from the East is approaching, apparently, but that’s nothing that unusual for us here in the Welsh Borders. We get snow quite frequently here – Church Stretton isn’t nicknamed Little Switzerland for nothing, you know! Still, I missed Shefali’s use of my […]

Snappy Snap

It was a tad blowy up the top of Ragleth Hill today, something you can judge for yourself here: But as you can see, there were blue skies, so I took a photo too. I tried uploading it to the BBC WeatherWatchers website, but couldn’t […]