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Freezin’ February

Well, the Beast from the East is approaching, apparently, but that’s nothing that unusual for us here in the Welsh Borders. We get snow quite frequently here – Church Stretton isn’t nicknamed Little Switzerland for nothing, you know!

Still, I missed Shefali’s use of my photo on last night’s late evening broadcast, but thanks to the BBC iPlayer I managed to catch up on the broadcast. It seems Shefali began her broadcast with my image … peeking through her opaque introductory slide …

26th February 2018 – BBC 1 Midlands Today – Late Evening broadcast

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Snowless Sunshine Snapper

After all the snow we’ve had, a chance to capture some sunshine and green fields!

Stokesay Snapper Simon

Decided to stop as I was passing Stokesay Castle today, to take a photo. I thought it looked gorgeous in the early morning sunshine. Turns out it was a good idea after all, as Shefali used it on the main regional evening news broadcast.


Grey Snapper

Our grey skies seemed to be just what Rich Davies was looking for when showing Midland’s Today viewers what sort of weather we’d had today!

Snapper Simon Snaps September Sunshine


After all the rain we’ve had recently, it was nice to capture a bit of blue sky and sunshine on my walk this morning. Not sure it’s going t last, though!

Blue Sky Snapper

After a rather grey and miserable August day, Snapper Simon found a bit of blue sky this evening, for Shefali.

Ludlow Snapper

I caught some breaks in the clouds above Ludlow town centre, while out stretching my legs at lunchtime today.

Snappy Snap

It was a tad blowy up the top of Ragleth Hill today, something you can judge for yourself here:

But as you can see, there were blue skies, so I took a photo too. I tried uploading it to the BBC WeatherWatchers website, but couldn’t because for some strange reason there was no 4G signal on top of the hill, like there usually is. (It wasn’t until I got home that I discovered we’d had a power cut, hence the 4G signal problem.)

I nearly forgot to upload the photo I’d taken, but I remembered when I stopped for lunch. I uploaded it, before tootling off to the kitchen. So I was a little surprised to see, while sitting down in front of the news with my lunch, a certain picture jump onto the screen. They don’t hang about these weather presenters you know, when they’re looking for a piccy!

Grey April

Sometimes you wonder whether it’s worth snapping a grey sky image. Then you discover, it is!

Snapping Sunshine

BBC Midlands Today 15th March 2017

Well, I wasn’t the only one out snapping photos in the glorious sunshine today but, and I know I might be slightly biased here, I think she saved the best until last 😝

(see video below)

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