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Lunchtime Snapper

Having met up with friends in Much Wenlock this morning, I decided that on my way home I would stop off somewhere along Wenlock Edge to do my daily walk.

What Wenlock Edge does well is tantalising views. New trees, mainly ash and some silver birch, are thriving, and the good paths along the edge weave their way between them, which means that the vista across west Shropshire is good, but it doesn’t quite work as a photograph (your photo looks more like a view with a barcode in front of it!)

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Snowy Snapper Simon

Woke up to a light dusting of snow and fog this morning. Thought I’d head up Ragleth Hill, just in case I could climb above the fog. Didn’t. 😞 But I did take this photo and uploaded it to the BBC WeatherWatchers website. An hour later Matt Taylor was using it on the BBC News Channel, and then Nick Miller used it on BBC1 😃.

National Snapper


Snapped at 9am, on the BBC1 One o’clock news national weather forecast at 1.30pm.

National Weather Snapper

I think today’s snow has taken a few by surprise. It wasn’t a lot, but it was enough to make an impact on some photos, so I uploaded one to my BBC WeatherWatchers account. Then I was sitting eating my lunch, watching the BBC’s One o’clock News, and as the camera panned out for the national forecast I could see a picture that looked familiar…

9th February 2016 BBC1 Lunchtime National News

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