Sign of the Times

Sign of the Times - Great Walks - Feb-Mar 2015


Sign of the Times was published in Australia’s Great Walks magazine (Feb/Mar 2015)

Britain’s countryside offers some fantastic walking experiences, but in the past a wander through the great British outdoors could sometimes be spoilt by a hostile pub landlord, or an antagonistic landowner. Being told to, “Get your muddy boots out of my pub,” or finding the path purposefully blocked by rubbish and barbed wire can ruin what was, until that point, an enjoyable day out. And if you’ve travelled half way round the world an experience like this could spoil your entire break. Thankfully, things are changing. A scheme launched into 2007 to make walkers feel more welcome has picked up its pace and is now marching across the country. With some careful planning, your next walking trip in Britain could be the most enjoyable yet, and it could also take you to some of the quieter, yet just as outstandingly, scenic areas you may not have considered visiting.

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