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Keeping It Local

Simon Whaley explores the benefit of authors getting involved with their local literary festivals …

Keeping It Local - Society of Authors magazine

Keeping It Local was published in the Autumn 2015 issue of The Author, the Journal of the Society of Authors

Keeping it local

Phyllis Blakemore will always remember her appearance at the Wellington Literary Festival’s ‘Meet the Local Author’ event, in 2014. She sold three copies of her book, Gentlemen of the River: The Last Coraclemen of the Severn Gorge, to the same reader who’d bought a signed copy from her at the 2013 local author event. The reader wanted signed copies to give as gifts and, knowing Phyllis was local, had searched specifically for her in the new festival brochure. 

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PLR and Libraries – Letter to The Author

Letter - The future of PLR and Librarires - The Author - Spring 2015

This letter appears in the Spring 2015 issue of the Society of Author’s journal: The Author

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Take A Walk

Take A Walk by Simon Whaley

Take A Walk by Simon Whaley

The Author:

Should writers get up and walk away from their desks, every now and then?

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