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The Writers Bureau

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 I’ve been tutoring on the Writers Bureau distance learning Creative Writing course (non-fiction modules) since 2005, and have helped many students achieve their publishing dreams.

Congratulations to my students, Lucy Costigan and Priya Fonseca, who were both runners up in the Writers Bureau Freelance Writer of the Year competition 2011. For more details about what they’ve achieved with their writing, click here.

Since 2005, I have been a tutor for the Writers Bureau correspondence course, helping several hundred students from all over the world achieve their dream of becoming a writer. For more information about their courses, free e-zines and other useful information visit their website at www.writersbureau.com.

To visit my Simon Says! Tutor Blog visit http://simonwhaleytutor.blogspot.com. (It’s free for anyone to look at, you don’t have to be a student to sign up to this.)

In 2009, I, along with three other tutors, Lorraine Mace, Stephanie Baudet and Alison Chisholm, recorded some short information videos. If you’re brave enough to watch these video nasties, then see here!

Note to students – should you have any queries concerning your coursework, please contact me through my Writers Bureau email address, as advised to you when I returned your first assignment.

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 Would you mind thanking Simon so much for his support during this part of the course and also his succinct way of getting the message across – he must be a real asset to your company. R.N. – Australia.


Priya Fonseca said, “I just signed the contract for my first children’s book which is scheduled for May 2014 release. The publisher has already uploaded the information on facebook and here’s what she posted along with the image – “Meet our newest author Priya Fonseca as she signs up for an exciting new Funokplease book coming in 2014…cant wait Priya..” – I thought I should definitely let you know as you have been a true mentor throughout the WB course and beyond. I would never have got to this stage without your guidance and inputs. Thank you.”

And here’s Priya signing her contract!

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