2017 Relax & Write Short Story Retreat at Cirencester

Thank you to Lois, Liz, Sally and Daren for all their hard work at last weekend’s Relax & Write Short Story Retreat, which I was running at the rather impressive Royal Agricultural University, near Cirencester.

© Lois Maddox – Relax & Write

The photo above shows me with my delegates, along with the delegates of the romance writing course led by my part-time wife (it’s a long story), Kate Walker. Kate’s full-time husband is on the far right (I told you, it’s complicated!).

It’s surprising how much can be achieved over a weekend, but course organiser Lois Maddox insists on there being time to relax …

© Lois Maddox – Relax & Write

and write …

© Lois Maddox – Relax & Write

(The chocolates you can see on the desk are bribery from me. You can’t go wrong with chocolates with a group of writers, believe me.)

All four delegates had stories worthy of development, and with some group exercises and some one-to-ones we knocked them into shape. Here’s hoping they see publication in a magazine, or placement in a competition soon!

And if you want to know what the grounds of the Royal Agricultural University look like, check out my images on Alamy.