Blooming BookBub!

If you haven’t got it already, Blooming Murder has been reduced to 99p in ebook format, as mentioned in today’s BookBub deal newsletter for the UK, Canada, and Australia. Click …

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Books 4 Writers

If you’re interested in writing, then here are all the books I’ve written just for you. There are two series from which to choose: The Practical Writer Series is a …

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Pic of the Season Shortlist!

Well, I was surprised this morning to find an email in my inbox from the BBC WeatherWatcher team, advising me that my Brocken Spectre photo taken a few weeks ago …

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Writing Magazine’s Inspiration Month

To help inspire writers across the country, Writing Magazine has designated July as Inspiration Month, and has asked writers and some of its contributors to make a short video offering advice and inspiration.

So here’s mine … recorded at the top of my local hill (when there was a gap in the gale-force winds I often find up there!).

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Wordsworth and Bing

No, not a new double act between the poet and singer, but a search engine’s use of one of my photos to celebrate the anniversary of Wordsworth’s 250th birthday.

Bing has used one of my photos for their search page background for today – it’s of daffodils flowering at Dora’s Field, near Rydal, in the Lake District, Cumbria.

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272,222 and still counting

Well, what can I say? Each year the number just keeps getting bigger. Thank you to everyone who’s bought a copy of my first book One Hundred Ways For A …

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