Writing Magazine’s Inspiration Month

To help inspire writers across the country, Writing Magazine has designated July as Inspiration Month, and has asked writers and some of its contributors to make a short video offering advice and inspiration.

So here’s mine … recorded at the top of my local hill (when there was a gap in the gale-force winds I often find up there!).

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Wordsworth and Bing

No, not a new double act between the poet and singer, but a search engine’s use of one of my photos to celebrate the anniversary of Wordsworth’s 250th birthday.

Bing has used one of my photos for their search page background for today – it’s of daffodils flowering at Dora’s Field, near Rydal, in the Lake District, Cumbria.

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272,222 and still counting

Well, what can I say? Each year the number just keeps getting bigger. Thank you to everyone who’s bought a copy of my first book One Hundred Ways For A …

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Readers Like Walking

I’ve been producing walking route descriptions for Country Walking magazine since 2004 (so my feet ache a bit now 🤣), and I always hope that my route descriptions are easy to follow.

It’s not that writing route descriptions are difficult – they’re not. It’s editing them to fit the 500-word count set by the magazine (and then hope they still make sense) that’s the challenge!

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Newsletter Signup Freebie!

Have you signed up to my occasional newsletter yet? As a thank you, you’ll be sent a link to download a free collection of some of my previously published short …

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271,833 … and counting

The royalty statements are in, and I can’t believe the sales figures keep growing. Thank you to everyone who bought a copy … all 271,833 of you!