Foraging for Murder

Book 2 in the Marquess of Mortiforde Mysteries

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Mortiforde’s Food Festival is a recipe for murder!


Three butchers. Two deaths. One four-hundred-year-old grudge.

It’s Aldermaston’s first Food Festival as the Eighth Marquess of Mortiforde and it’s not going well. One butcher is missing. Another has been threatened. And the Vegetarian Society has been sent a meaty ultimatum.

Meanwhile, Lady Mortiforde desperately needs her husband to find some wild boar meat for her savoury pie entry into the festival’s Bake Off competition.

When the Council’s Chief Archivist disappears, along with the Food History Marquee’s star attraction, a seventeenth-century recipe book, Aldermaston has all the ingredients of a murder mystery that’s been marinating for over four hundred years.

Can he find the missing butchers before it’s too late? Will Lady Mortiforde avoid a soggy bottom in the Bake Off competition? And why do all the butchers take their pet pigs for a walk in the woods at night?

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The plot reminded me of a comic version of The Archers (BBC Radio 4), with the usual sniping and back-stabbing you’d expect in an off-beat story of village life. This was an enjoyable read that will please fans of cosy mysteries and dramas like Midsomer Murders etc.

Colin Garrow

I really enjoyed this book, and is very Midsomer Murders inspired with the very whacky and unique murders, highly recommend to fans of the show and anyone who likes cosy mysteries ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Bookworm Stephanie

The first of Simon Whaley’s Marquess of Mortiforde Mysteries novels, ‘Blooming Murder’ was one of those novels which crept up on you unawares. I was completely bowled over by it and, in my review, describe it as, “essentially, what would happen if Gardener’s World had an illicit love child by Midsomer Murders via the work of Tom Sharpe. And it’s all the better for it.”

Whilst ‘Foraging for Murder’ can’t really harness the same take-you-unawares quality of the original, the sequel – set two years into Aldermaston’s reign as the Marquess – {retains the same down to earth humour and, well, bonkers cast of loveable characters.}
This time, the butchers are being set against the vegetarians as the Borderlandshire Burger Competition looms. {We are in safe hands with Whaley a man unafraid of capturing the class-based absurdities of British life.}

PAJ Newman

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first book, Blooming Murder last summer, and hoped that the next book in the Mortiforde Mysteries series would be just as good. Oh man, guys, I have to tell you….It’s not Just as good, it’s BETTER!

I’ve been a fan of BBC mystery series for years, and I dearly hope that this series gets picked up for a miniseries because I desperately want to see some of the characters on screen.

Puzzle Paws Blog

It’s nicely written and the pace is pleasant and goes well with the flow and feel of the story. The book has what you expect for a cosy mystery and I liked that the author added a touch of humor to the story. Aldermaston had me laughing a few times!

The Page Ladies

Agatha Raisin meets the Great British Bake Off in Foraging for Murder. Simon Whaley blends bucolic eccentricities, village gossip, food festivals and cold-blooded murder in his latest cosy mystery. Foraging for Murder is a hilarious, uplifting and thrilling murder mystery sprinkled with plenty of tension, intrigue and suspense to keep readers chewing their nails and on the edge of their seats until the end.

An entertaining yarn guaranteed to brighten up even the most dismal of days, cosy mystery fans will love Simon Whaley’s delightful new novel, Foraging for Murder.

Bookish Jottings

This is the second book in the series and after reading the first one I just knew that I would love this one and I was certainly right! This is the second book in the series and after reading the first one I just knew that I would love this one and I was certainly right!

Snowphie the bookworm

Having thoroughly enjoyed book 1, Blooming Murder, I couldn’t wait to devour this story and I absolutely adored my second visit to Mortiforde. Full of culinary delights and dark deeds past and present, it is jam packed full of wonderful and very likeable eccentric characters with a deliciously wicked streak of humour running through it.

I loved every page and laughed my socks off at some bits, and I really do hope there will be more books to come in this series. 5*

The Word Is Out – Alyson’s Reviews

Had a bit of a feel of the Carry On films, too. Aldermaston had me laughing at times. I do love a book with a funny side. Simon Whaley definitely got the comic timing right for me anyway. It was great to spend time in the village with these colourful and interesting characters!

Beyond the Books

Wow. Foraging for Murder is a fantastic book. It’s stuffed with some very British quirkiness, rival butchers, an obnoxious new Chief Executive for the local Council, and a slightly bumbling, but good-hearted, member of the nobility, his wife, his eminently competent butler, as well as his extremely eccentric brother.

Genuinely, I can’t recommend this book enough. It made me laugh out loud and was a joy to read.

MJ Porter