Doggy Snapper

Well, I’m busy dog-sitting at the moment, which is hard work when there are two dogs, because it means you need a dog lead in each hand. Somehow, I managed …

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Sunny Shropshire Snapper

Well, we’ve got a September heatwave in Shropshire, and BBC Midlands Today liked my sunny Shropshire photo!

Snatchfields Snapper

I didn’t get much chance of a walk, so just nipped through Snatchfields and Hazler Road just before lunch. Good job I did, as Shefali used it during the evening …

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Breakfast Snapper

There are moment when you see a photo and you just know it’s one of yours. It happened this morning while I was sitting in the living room eating my …

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Evening and Breakfast Snapper

Well, it was a damp and drizzly day on 27th June (so not backing up the expected story of this June being the hottest on record), but I was a …

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Sloppy Snapper

Oops! I’ve made a booboo! For the past few days, I’ve been in Norfolk, visiting family, and while we were out, I took a photo of some horses. Well, obviously, …

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Long-range Stretton Snapper

BBC Countryfile broadcast

Well, that was a surprise. I was watching the long-range weather forecast at the end of BBC Countryfile this evening, and recognised a photos as one I’d taken earlier this …

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Buttercup Snapper

The buttercups this year have been absolutely amazing. There’s a whole field full of them beside one of the lanes I regularly wander along.

Cloudy Keswickian Snapper

Having spent the past week in the Lake District, uploading a series of sunny photos to the BBC WeatherWatcher service all week (yes, my weather really was that good in …

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Snowy Snapper

Well, we were recently hit with an icy blast a couple of days ago, where the snowfall totals reach a good foot in places, here in Stretton. As is so …

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