Sunshine Snapped for Shefali

Shefali used one of my WeatherWatcher photos today to show that while Staffordshire had lots of snow, Shropshire had all the sunshine.

The Sun Before Gertrude

Storm Gertrude is coming … so here’s my photo of the calm before Getrude, taken from Ragleth Hill today, and used on BBC Midlands Today.

Sparkling Sunshine

Sunshine! The low mist took a while to clear, but with such clear blue skies I had to climb up onto Ragleth Hill yesterday. The stillness in the air was …

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Weather Snapper

It’s going to be another cold night, so BBC Midlands Today used my WeatherWatcher photo taken earlier on my walk today of the Burway closed due to snow and ice.

As Seen On TV … Again!

I’ve just found out that Shefali Oza used another of my BBC WeatherWatchers photos on the regional weather forecast last night. That’s two images within a week. We must have …

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As Seen On TV

Photo on BBC Midlands Today

It’s been an interesting few days since the start of the New Year. We’ve had several problems with our phone line. Voice calls haven’t been possible, nor have we had access to the Internet. It’s always interesting having to adjust to a different way of working, and it was easier than I thought, although it highlighted how much we use the Internet these days.

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