Sunshine Snapped

We haven’t seen much sun so far this summer, but here’s proof we’ve seen some!

Snapper Simon … in Clun

While out doing a walk for Country Walking magazine today, I snapped a photo of the Clun Valley … and by teatime it was on the telly 😉

National Snapper

Snapped at 9am, on the BBC1 One o’clock news national weather forecast at 1.30pm.

Evening Snapper

Not much cloud over South Shropshire for the Midland’s Today roadshow at Craven Arms today.

Spotlight on Snapper Simon

Not only did my photo get used in the weather forecast today … … but I got an honourable mention too!

… Simon?

I’ve lost part of my name! I’m just Simon here, not Snapper Simon 😉

Still Snapping!

It was worth waiting until the clouds started burning off before I did my walk this morning. Otherwise Midlands Today might not have used this!

Snowy Weather

More snowy weather this morning, which meant Snapper Simon nipped out to take a photo … in time for Shefali to use it on her lunchtime broadcast … … and …

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National Weather Snapper

I think today’s snow has taken a few by surprise. It wasn’t a lot, but it was enough to make an impact on some photos, so I uploaded one to my BBC WeatherWatchers account. Then I was sitting eating my lunch, watching the BBC’s One o’clock News, and as the camera panned out for the national forecast I could see a picture that looked familiar…

9th February 2016 BBC1 Lunchtime National News

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