Make It Snappy!

Last December, I was fortunate enough to do a talk at the Warner Leisure Hotels at Cricket St Thomas, for the wonderful readers of The People’s Friend. Afterwards, I was …

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Blooming BookBub!

If you haven’t got it already, Blooming Murder has been reduced to 99p in ebook format, as mentioned in today’s BookBub deal newsletter for the UK, Canada, and Australia. Click …

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Ragleth Hill Saunter

I’ve recently acquired a new camera – an Insta360 One X2 – which I finally got round to playing with last Sunday. And what a day to go out and …

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The handout for Workshop 4 – Pitching, can be downloaded here:


The handout for Workshop 3 (Structure Analysis) can be downloaded here:


The handout for Workshop2 (Market Analysis) can be found here:


Here is the handout for the IDEAS workshop: