Ragleth Hill Saunter

I’ve recently acquired a new camera – an Insta360 One X2 – which I finally got round to playing with last Sunday. And what a day to go out and …

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The handout for Workshop 4 – Pitching, can be downloaded here:


The handout for Workshop 3 (Structure Analysis) can be downloaded here:


The handout for Workshop2 (Market Analysis) can be found here:


Here is the handout for the IDEAS workshop:

Blooming Murder Blog Tour

Well, it’s going to be a busy first week of July, as Blooming Murder goes on a virtual tour! I’ve answered so many questions my head is spinning, but it’s …

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Burway Books Signing

I am fortunate enough to have an independent bookshop in town, and the brilliant (if you want to know how brilliant, check out the shortlists for the independent bookshop of …

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Let The Train Take the Strain

During the last 18-months most train lines have been quiet. But here in the Welsh Borders, they were never that busy in the first place, not when compared with the …

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Never A Straight Road

I’ve just published my novel, Blooming Murder. Hooray! (Well, it’s a hooray from me, because it’s been quite a journey.) Just like many authors, the road I thought this dream would …

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