PLR – People Love Reading

Once a year, authors receive their PLR statements. For those of you who don’t know, PLR stands for Public Lending Right and is a payment to authors in recompense for the loss of sales due to people borrowing their books from a library.

While we receive a royalty for each copy of our book bought by the library service (as we would from any other book buyer), PLR recognises the fact that that single copy is then borrowed many times over.

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Hoar Frost Snapper

Found a hoar frost on the summit of Ragleth Hill this morning. Snapped a photo too, which Louise Lear used on the national forecast on BBC1 this lunchtime.

Little Switzerland

Here in the Welsh Borders, we’ve had a lot of weather, recently. Well, I say a lot of weather, but, of course, what I really mean is a change in the weather. 


Just before I moved to Shropshire from the London suburbs, my urban neighbours would say, “Shropshire? Ooh, you’ll get a lot of weather up there!” And they were right, sort of. We do get a lot of weather up here. But we get just as much as anyone else. It’s merely that ours tends to be a little more varied.

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Cræft in the Borders

It’s a dangerous game coming to the Welsh Borders to give an author talk. If you don’t believe me, ask archaeologist and historian Dr Alex Langlands, who’s a friend of this area thanks to the popular BBC2 Victorian Farm television series.

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The world of writing is a bit like busses. Nothing for a ages and then three things come along all at once. Or sometimes four.

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Crossing The Threshold

 I love the way some projects take on a life of their own. Today, in St Martin’s in the Bullring (Birmingham) the third edition of the Crossing the Threshold toolkit was launched.

In 2007 I wrote a book entitled , which explains to community groups in a clear and easy-to-understand way, how to apply for grant money from various funding organisations. 

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A Numbers Game


Publishing is a numbers game. When a book is published, nobody really knows how many copies it will sell. They might be able to guess a rough figure during its first six months of sales, especially if the author has a track record. (Dan Brown will probably sell one or two copies when his new one comes out next month.)

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