Ragleth Hill Saunter

I’ve recently acquired a new camera – an Insta360 One X2 – which I finally got round to playing with last Sunday. And what a day to go out and play!

The Welsh Borders are frequently shrouded in mist and fog (and low cloud). In fact, for the previous four days, all I’d seen out of my window was fog. But on Sunday morning, there was a glimpse of hope. There was a brightness directly above, which was a sign that something magical was going to happen. I just knew that it would be a day for inversions.

An inversion occurs when cold, damp air gets trapped in the valleys by warmer air above it. I’ve often seen it when climbing mountains. However, here in the Welsh Borders, our hills don’t get as high as mountains.

That doesn’t stop inversions from taking place, which is great because it means we don’t have so high to climb in order to see them!

So, armed with my new toy, I set off, and once I was out of the mist and fog, I began recording.

Now, just to put things into a little context, this is my first attempt – not only at using the camera, but at using the software to process it too! So there are a couple of bits (such as right at the start where I seem to be on double-speed for the first two seconds) where things aren’t quite as I intended.

But if you’ve got about 22 minutes to spare, and fancy a virtual stroll up Ragleth Hill on a bright sunny day, where you’re above the clouds, then pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable, for this video is about to show you the Welsh Borders, and particularly Shropshire, at its best!

A 22-minute stroll up and along Ragleth Hill.