As Seen On TV

Photo on BBC Midlands Today

It’s been an interesting few days since the start of the New Year. We’ve had several problems with our phone line. Voice calls haven’t been possible, nor have we had access to the Internet. It’s always interesting having to adjust to a different way of working, and it was easier than I thought, although it highlighted how much we use the Internet these days.

However, earlier today I got to the stage where I was frustrated at what I couldn’t do, so I decided to go off for my walk. The weather turned out to be gorgeous, and I climbed onto Ragleth Hill, where it was so warm I had to take off my coat.

It didn’t take me long to get out my smartphone and start snapping photos, which included this one here:

The Long Mynd seen from Ragleth Hill by Simon Whaley

It tickled me that there was an excellent 4G signal up here, so I uploaded the image to the BBC WeatherWatchers website, the irony not escaping me that I had such brilliant Internet access up here, but none whatsoever at my working desk.

Seven hours later, I was sitting watching the evening news, when the BBC Midlands Today weather presenter Shefali Oza suddenly displayed my photo on the screen.  A nice way to round off the day, I think!

Photo on BBC Midlands Today

(Thanks to Catherine Cooper who took a photo of it on her telly!)