Doggy Snapper

Well, I’m busy dog-sitting at the moment, which is hard work when there are two dogs, because it means you need a dog lead in each hand. Somehow, I managed …

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Sunny Shropshire Snapper

Well, we’ve got a September heatwave in Shropshire, and BBC Midlands Today liked my sunny Shropshire photo!

Snatchfields Snapper

I didn’t get much chance of a walk, so just nipped through Snatchfields and Hazler Road just before lunch. Good job I did, as Shefali used it during the evening …

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Sloppy Snapper

Oops! I’ve made a booboo! For the past few days, I’ve been in Norfolk, visiting family, and while we were out, I took a photo of some horses. Well, obviously, …

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Buttercup Snapper

The buttercups this year have been absolutely amazing. There’s a whole field full of them beside one of the lanes I regularly wander along.

Snowy Snapper

Well, we were recently hit with an icy blast a couple of days ago, where the snowfall totals reach a good foot in places, here in Stretton. As is so …

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Grey Sky Snapper

It’s been grey and drab recently, but that hasn’t stopped me snapping away and submitting them to the BBC WeatherWatcher website. And today, my grey image of Carding Mill Valley …

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Snapper Simon Soundcheck!

It’s funny how these things work sometimes. I was on Twitter (one of many procrastination moments of the day) when a follower pointed out that I had an Editor’s Pick …

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Foggy Snapper

It’s been foggy here in the Welsh Borders for several days now. It always makes it difficult to know what to photograph, but this bench seemed the perfect place to …

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200th Snapper

After a rather ‘dry’ patch (no pun intended!), one of my WeatherWatcher images was used at the start of tonight’s BBC Midlands Today regional programme. Turns out this is my …

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