Mystery Snapper

I took a slightly longer route yesterday on my walk (because the weather improved) and snapped this little shot: Then, first thing this morning, while watching BBC Breakfast, I caught the Midland’s regional weather forecast, and look what I spotted … No credit, but it […]

Sultry Snapper

It’s ben rather hot here in the Welsh Borders, recently. In fact, we’ve not had much rain at all. As the cliché goes, the ground is rock hard … except it isn’t. When I strolled onto the summit ridge of Ragleth Hill today, the ground […]

Snapper Simon Soaked

The forecast for today wasn’t great. I had to go to Shrewsbury (to drop my tax paperwork off at my accountant’s) and so I thought I’d do my daily walk somewhere round there. I suddenly remembered Haughmond Hill, a Forestry Commission site with great parking, […]

Freezin’ February

Well, the Beast from the East is approaching, apparently, but that’s nothing that unusual for us here in the Welsh Borders. We get snow quite frequently here – Church Stretton isn’t nicknamed Little Switzerland for nothing, you know! Still, I missed Shefali’s use of my […]