More blue skies!

Another glorious day, so another excuse (not that I needed much) to head up onto Ragleth Hill again. Wonderful views stretching towards The Wrekin, some 20 miles away!

Sunny South Shropshire

Finally, we’re getting some warmth in the sun, now the weather has dried up a bit and that cold easterly wind has dropped. So much so, that I went for …

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Sunny Caer Caradoc

Well it showed up on my BBC WeatherWatcher page as an Editor’s Pick, but Shefali forgot to credit me when she used it in the evening broadcast 😢.

Soggy Snapper

Another uncredited image, but there’s no mistaking my shot from the slopes of Ragleth hill overlooking a very soggy Caer Caradoc. Weather presenter Rich Davis thought it was the perfect …

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Ironbridge Snapper

With lockdown restrictions easing, I met up with a fellow WeatherWatcher today in Ironbridge. And what I thought would be a pretty drab day turned into one of blue sky …

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Small Batch Snapper

Good Friday turned out to be a really good Friday! Not only did I climb Ragleth Hill first thing this morning, but as the weather improved, it pulled me back …

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Consecutive Snapper

The contrast with the weather today, compared with the glorious afternoon yesterday in Ludlow, couldn’t have been more different. It was so foggy I wondered whether it was even worth …

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Masterpiece Snapper

I had to nip to Ludlow this afternoon to do some shopping and took time to enjoy the sunshine as I wandered around. After such a drab, foggy morning, the …

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Sunny Snapper

Here in the Welsh Borders it’s been precipitating for days. That’s one downside to living in a hilly area – the hills attract clouds that simply sit on top of …

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Uncredited Snapper

Four days on from the last time the BBC used one of my WeatherWatcher photos without crediting me, it’s happened again! It’s been a grey, drab, drizzly day today, so …

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