Grey Snapper

It might be summer, but it’s been grey and overcast here for the past few days.

Rain-dodging Snapper

Well, June has been rather soggy here in the Welsh Borders – more like April with some sudden, sharp, flood-creating downpours at times. Somehow, though, I dodged them all on …

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Lunchtime Snapper

A glorious day today – I went up Ragleth Hill. Was worth it!

Foggy Snapper

It was a tad foggy up Ragleth Hill today. Good job I know my way around in the fog!

Clee Hill Snapper

I’ve been dog-sitting recently, so my daily walks have taken me to a different part of Shropshire. Still snapping the weather, though!

Snappy September

After such a grey August, we finally have some sunshine! So, I took it as an opportunity to climb Ragleth Hill and enjoy the views. It was a touch hazy …

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Slippery Steps

It’s been a grey old August and the last day of the month was just as grey, although it did rain, for a change!

Sultry Snapper

For the past few days, the Welsh Borders have been under an Amber Heat Warning, so going for a walk has been an early morning or late evening activity. This …

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Shady Snapper

The weather has been a bit hit and miss recently, but as I set out for my stroll earlier today, the sun was beginning to break through. Despite the cloud …

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Poly-bag crop Snapper!

I don’t know about you, but round this way we have a lot of farmers growing polythene bags. Sometimes they can harvest huge numbers of them, especially the green ones …

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