Evening and Breakfast Snapper

BBC Six o’clock news on 27th June 2023

Well, it was a damp and drizzly day on 27th June (so not backing up the expected story of this June being the hottest on record), but I was a bit surprised to see my photo on the BBC six o’clock news weather forecast. Unfortunately, I wasn’t credited, but it was definitely my image, because here’s the Editor’s Pick label on the same photo on my WeatherWatcher account …

Definitely my image!

But then, I was surprised the following morning to see the same photo used by Carol Kirkwood on BBC Breakfast!

BBC Breakfast – 28th June 2023

Mind you, this does mean this is the first time I’ve had a BBC WeatherWatcher photo on display in the new BBC Breakfast television set, which was revealed a few days earlier.

My photo on the new-look BBC Breakfast television set!