Wordsworth and Bing

No, not a new double act between the poet and singer, but a search engine’s use of one of my photos to celebrate the anniversary of Wordsworth’s 250th birthday.

Bing has used one of my photos for their search page background for today – it’s of daffodils flowering at Dora’s Field, near Rydal, in the Lake District, Cumbria.

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272,222 and still counting

Well, what can I say? Each year the number just keeps getting bigger. Thank you to everyone who’s bought a copy of my first book One Hundred Ways For A …

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Readers Like Walking

I’ve been producing walking route descriptions for Country Walking magazine since 2004 (so my feet ache a bit now 🤣), and I always hope that my route descriptions are easy to follow.

It’s not that writing route descriptions are difficult – they’re not. It’s editing them to fit the 500-word count set by the magazine (and then hope they still make sense) that’s the challenge!

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Newsletter Signup Freebie!

Have you signed up to my occasional newsletter yet? As a thank you, you’ll be sent a link to download a free collection of some of my previously published short …

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271,833 … and counting

The royalty statements are in, and I can’t believe the sales figures keep growing. Thank you to everyone who bought a copy … all 271,833 of you!

Interviews and Open Top Busses!

I’ve been busy, recently, being interviewed by the lovely Anita Loughrey, for her Research Secrets column in Writers’ Forum magazine. It’s a fascinating column where she asks writers and authors to share their research tips.

Every writer has their own way of doing things and it’s always fascinating to know the little tips and shortcuts that other writers use. I just hope this month’s readers find my tips useful!

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The Complete Article Writer – Revised

One of my (many) little projects that I was working on over Christmas, was the updating and revision of my popular book for article writers: The Complete Article Writer.

It was also an interesting exercise because, as a self-published book, I had the joys of bringing the book across from Createspace, the platform I’d used originally to publish the text, the Amazon’s latest self-publishing print platform, KDP.

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Stationery Secrets

I can’t believe that it was back in June 2016 that the lovely Anita Loughrey chatted to me about my stationery obsessions. (It’s a true fact that only proper writers can’t walk past a stationery shop without spending some money … and usually a lot of money.)

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Business of Writing – Volume 2 launched

Another two years have passed, and so I’ve just published the next collection of articles from my Writing Magazine column. The Business of Writing – Volume 2 includes articles covering a diverse range of topics including:

Exporting to Foreign Markets
Time Travel
Festive Fever
Conquering Challenges

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