A Positive Reader Comment

Every writer loves receiving positive feedback from their readers, and this morning I received one such email from a reader who’d finished reading The Positively Productive Writer. She said:

“I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for writing ‘The Positively Productive Writer.’ I recently borrowed this book from my local library and found it to be frank, honest, and totally useful in helping me set realistic writing goals. I have had some success as a writer in the past (plays performed, short stories published, manuscript development award from publishing house for a novel) but have not had a consistent approach in collating this material. Your book has really helped to change that. Apart from anything else I am now a much more ORGANISED writer. The book has also given me the confidence to enrol in a local writing course. Thank you and all the best for your writing in the future.” (LM)

I always intended The Positively Productive Writer to be of use to writers with a wide range of experience and success, not just beginners. As LM says here, she’s had success in the past, but past success doesn’t guarantee future success; we have to keep on writing and working at it, which is when the doubts can creep in again. It’s lovely to read, though, that LM has been inspired once more, and I wish her all the best with her writing!