Slushy Snapper

After all the snow we’ve had recently, it began to melt, but then froze again overnight, creating some hazardous walking conditions on the road. The road into Carding Mill Valley was a little challenging, as it slowly thawed – feeling slushy immediately underfoot – but […]

BoW – Covid Catch-Up

There’s no doubt history will record 2020 as an exceptional year. You could say, the use of the word unprecedented by the media has, in itself, been unprecedented. While the future is still uncertain for many of us, there are still some certainties in life. Like taxes.  […]

Mystery Snapper

I took a slightly longer route yesterday on my walk (because the weather improved) and snapped this little shot: Then, first thing this morning, while watching BBC Breakfast, I caught the Midland’s regional weather forecast, and look what I spotted … No credit, but it […]

Unwrapping ISBNs

Why pay for an ISBN for your next self-published book, when some platforms will freely gift one to you? All businesses want lower costs to maximise profits, and that goes for our writing businesses too. Going for the free ISBN option seems good business sense. […]

Bring In The Harvest

The freelancer’s world can be one of feast or famine. Simon Whaley investigates how to spread the harvest more evenly. Traditionally, this is the time of year when farmers across the country bring in the harvest. Suddenly, there’s an abundance of food which, if carefully […]

Make Poetry Pay

The latest article in my Business of Writing series in Writing Magazine. The poet Robert Graves once claimed, “There’s no money in poetry, but then there’s no poetry in money.” Generating an income from our writing can be challenging, but for poets, it can be […]

Countryfile Snapper

Last night’s Countryfile programme was from Shropshire – in fact, it was from just the other side of the Long Mynd, here in Church Stretton. I’d already climbed Ragleth Hill earlier in the morning, appreciating the sunshine we hadn’t seen for a few days. Walking […]

Proposing Prose

Securing a non-fiction book contract means having a business plan. Simon Whaley reveals what to put into your next book proposal Do you have an idea for a great non-fiction book and want to secure a traditional publishing deal? Then what you need is a […]