Time Zones

Will the clocks going back an hour disrupt your writing schedule? Simon Whaley suggests this is the perfect time to review your time management. On …

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Snappy September

After such a grey August, we finally have some sunshine! So, I took it as an opportunity to climb Ragleth Hill and enjoy the views. …

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A Worldwide Presence

With so many social media channels, do writers still need a website? Simon Whaley chats to two writers about how their websites meet their needs. …

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Slippery Steps

It’s been a grey old August and the last day of the month was just as grey, although it did rain, for a change!


The handout for Workshop 4 – Pitching, can be downloaded here:


The handout for Workshop 3 (Structure Analysis) can be downloaded here:


The handout for Workshop2 (Market Analysis) can be found here:


Here is the handout for the IDEAS workshop:

Covering Up

We might not judge a book by its cover, but we all jump to certain conclusions when we see one.  Book covers work hard. Not …

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