Out Now! – Photography for Writers

Out Now! The book that can help turn writers into well-paid writers, and all you need is a compact camera, or even your mobile phone!

Which would you rather be: the writer who got paid £100 for providing the words to a travel article, or the writer/photographer who got paid £250 for providing pictures with those same words for a travel article? Editors are looking for complete words and picture packages these days, so writers who can provide both stand a better chance of success, and also higher rates of pay. And you don’t need to have a professional camera to do this – a simple, pocket, compact camera is capable of taking publishable photos these days, so why shouldn’t you be one of those better paid writers?

Photography for Writers will show you how to make the most of your compact camera, and how to save, store, and retrieve your photos, as well as how to offer these photos to an editor. There’s advice on how to get to know your compact camera, things to think about when taking photos abroad, some of the legal implications of taking photos and advice on how to use your camera as a research tool. All this, and a dedicated website offering further advice, example images and some exercises to accompany each chapter (http://photography-for-writers.blogspot.co.uk)

“If you ever doubted your ability to take publishable pictures, this book will boost your confidence and change your mind. Photography for Writers covers all the basics in simple language, peppered by Simon’s usual touch of humour. A must for all writers keen to please editors and increase their income.” Solange Hando – Travel Writer

Print ISBN: 9781780999357 – £7.99

eBook ISBN: 9781780999340 – £6.99