Ffotograffydd Simon

Last week I took myself off to Pembrokeshire – a popular destination for those of us who live on the Welsh Borders. It’s a stunning part of the British Isles, and a region that also get sits fair share of weather, much to Snapper Simon’s pleasure. In fact, Snapper Simon was successful a couple of times during his Pembrokeshire break.

It all started after an improvement in the weather on Tuesday, when I stopped off at Poppit Sands near Cardigan. The view across the estuary towards Cardigan Island was gorgeous and there was blue sky – something that hadn’t really been forecast. Naturally, I snapped a photo:


So I was a little surprised the following morning when I sat down to watch the main regional news programme, a certain photo on the weather board caught my attention!

The weather forecaster seemed impressed 😝

 Now, seven o’clock was quite early to be up when you’re on holiday, but the forecast for the day was good and I had plans: Caldey Island beckoned (and I can thoroughly recommend it!). When I’d landed on Caldey, I looked across the short sea crossing and loved the look of Tenby’s colourful facade in the sunshine. And when I got home much later that day, it seemed that BBC Wales liked it too!

It turns out the forecaster liked it a couple of days later and used it as the background image to the forecast for the week ahead.

Quite a productive week for Snapper Simon, all told!