Meet The Author – at Wellington!

If you’re near Wellington, Shropshire tomorrow, between 10am and 2pm, then pop into the fantastic library there and come and meet a few authors. 

Fiction authors: A. J Griffiths-Jones, Phil Price, Victorina Press, Bethany Rivers, M. Valentine Williams, Steve Jenkins, Lisa Jade, Olga Merrick, Diane Saxon, Bea Stevens, and Dawn E James.

Children’s and YA authors: Catherine Cooper, Toni Sian Williams, Sarah Griffiths, Sarah Isaacs, Jolene Modd, Petra & Keeley Thorn, and Mavis Gulliver,

Poets/illustrators/fiction: Katherine Soutar-Caddick and Mollie Bolt.

Non fiction: Barbara Kay, Allan Frost, Christopher Owen, Phil & Pat Fairclough, Julie Phillips, Stephen Brotherton, and me!

For a location map, visit here:

Hope to see you there!