Published by Hodder Childrens Books in 2005

ISBN: 978-0340903063

Every 7 to 11 year old would love a puppy to have as their best friend, and this book suggests fifty ways they can follow to make their puppy their best friend.

How can you tell if your puppy is happy? What games do puppies love best? How will your puppy get on with other pets?

Puppytalk is an adorable book for anyone who has ever wondered how to make friends with their puppy. It’s packed with expert advice on how to communicate and have fun with your puppy and make sure he is contented.

The perfect gift for any young child who loves puppies or will have a puppy joining the family soon.


When your puppy first comes to live with you she may feel worried about being in a strange place. When they’re anxious, some puppies look for things to chew. Pretend to be a puppy and crawl around on your hands and knees, looking for things that your puppy might chew. When you find something, move it out of your puppy’s reach.

Take fours pairs of your dad’s old socks and stuff three pairs and one sock from the fourth pair into the sock you have left. Tie a knot in the top of this sock and hey presto! You’ve made a great toy to play ‘fetch’ and ‘tug of war’ with your puppy. Just make sure that you use OLD socks. Your dad won’t be very happy if he has to walk around in bare feet!

Pretend you’re at a dog show and make your very own jumps in the garden. Balance a spade or stick on two buckets to make a jump. Jump over, and from the other side of the jump call your puppy’s name and say ‘Over’ to encourage him to do the same. Keep the top of the jump below the height of your puppy’s shoulder. If your jump is too high your puppy could hurt himself. Make a rosette and award yourselves first prize.


“Lovely little book for any little dog owner or dog lover. Got it for my 4 yr old after borrowing it from the library she loves it its very cute and gives them lots of ideas on how to get the best out of thier puppy. Sweet worth every penny.” Jane Austin (Amazon Review)

“This really is an adorable little book. It was the perfect gift for our daughter when she got her new labrador puppy. She reads it over and over, always finding a new game to play or a way to please him. This is the perfect stocking filler – we’ve bought it for all our doggyloving friends.” Heather Bestel (Amazon Review)

“My grand daughter benefited as much as the puppy so I am happy.” – Margaret Bradley (Amazon Review)