Successful Student

I had a lovely email from one of my past students the other day. Priya Fonseca has just signed a contract with a publisher!

“I just signed the contract for my first children’s book which is scheduled for May 2014 release. The publisher has already uploaded the information on facebook and here’s what she posted along with the image attached – “Meet our newest author Priya Fonseca as she signs up for an exciting new Funokplease book coming in 2014…cant wait Priya..” – I thought I should definitely let you know as you have been a true mentor throughout the WB course and beyond. I would never have got to this stage without your guidance and inputs. Thank you.”

And here’s Priya signing her contract.

Priya Fonseca signs her contract!
Priya Fonseca signs her contract!

I love hearing about a student’s success and I wish Priya all the best with her book!