Lovely Lake Vyrnwy

My feature about Lake Vyrnwy is in this week’s issue of The People’s Friend. Here are some more photos that weren’t used to accompany the feature (because they can only …

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The Cultural Clun Valley

My Clun Valley feature is the front cover feature of the latest issue of The People’s Friend. Although a quiet corner of Shropshire, there’s a lot going on there, and …

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Outstanding Oswestry

I nearly called this piece Oscillating Oswestry, such is the number of times it has moved (from one side of the Welsh Borders to the other). Although it’s most recent move came courtesy of the Ordnance Survey. To find out why, you’ll have to check out the article in this week;s edition of The People’s Friend.

Outstanding Oswestry – The People’s Friend – 4th July 2020 issue.

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Enchanting Exmoor

This week’s issue of The People’s Friend (dated 6th June 2020) has my travel piece about Exmoor on the front cover.

Enchanting Exmoor – The People’s Friend – 6th June 2020

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A Pride of Barbers

This week’s issue of The People’s Friend (30th May 2020) contains my article about a fascinating organisation: The Lions Barber Collective. It was set up by barber, Tom Chapman, after …

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Come to Caldey

This week’s issue of The People’s Friend carries my travel piece about Caldey Island on its front cover.

The People’s Friend – 23rd May 2020

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Scenic Shrewsbury

The latest issue of the People’s Friend has my feature about Shrewsbury in it and on the front cover.

Scenic Shrewsbury – The People’s Friend – 9th May 2020

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The People’s Friend – Ironbridge

The front cover image of the bumper, double issue of this latest issue of The People’s Friend is of Ironbridge in the snow. It’s inspired by an image the magazine found a few years ago. When they commissioned me to write the piece, I asked them what colour the bridge was in the picture. Answer: grey. I then had to tell them that the Iron Bridge had recently undergone some restoration work and English Heritage had painted the bridge in its original colour: reddy brown. So, they had to change the colour of the bridge in their image!

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Dazzling Displays

Selfridges are well known for their Christmas window displays (Check out this link for this year’s displays). But how much work goes into creating these displays and when do they …

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Historic Hereford

The People’s Friend

My feature on Hereford appeared in The People’s Friend’s issue dated 28th September 2019. When Alex, the Features Editor, commissioned me to write it I jumped at the chance, even though the city is only 40 miles from where I live, and it’s a place where I’ve worked from time to time (both Herefordshire Council, and the Diocese of Hereford have offices there).

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