The Art of Advertising

Self-publishing is maturing. Ten years ago, we could upload our self-published books to Amazon and watch people buy them. There were far fewer self-published books back then, and Amazon worked …

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Sizing Up Your Publisher

When it comes to finding a traditional publisher, does size matter? Simon Whaley chats to two writers about their experiences. On 1st July 2013 a new publishing conglomerate was born: …

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Artificial Intelligence

Can editing and proofing be automated? Simon Whaley explores online grammar services. I grew up in the 70s and 80s, when grammar was not the primary focus of English language …

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Copyright Basics

As World Intellectual Property Day approaches, Simon Whaley explores how copyright helps our writing business. Celebrating its 21st anniversary on 26th April 2021, World Intellectual Property Day recognises the impact …

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How To Succeed With A Series

Why write one novel, when publishers love a series? Simon Whaley chats to two successful series authors. Thirty-six years ago, Arthur Fowler, Ali Osman and Den Watts broke into Reg …

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Legal Deposit

Writing Magazine – February 2021

When it comes to the business of writing, it doesn’t get much better than seeing your book in print. And if you’ve chosen the self-publishing route, then chances are you’ve encountered many challenges along the way. But our responsibilities as an author- publisher don’t stop once our book is on sale. There’s another important business responsibility we’re required to undertake.

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BoW – Covid Catch-Up

Writing Magazine – January 2021

There’s no doubt history will record 2020 as an exceptional year. You could say, the use of the word unprecedented by the media has, in itself, been unprecedented. While the future is still uncertain for many of us, there are still some certainties in life. Like taxes. 

With the January tax deadline looming, now’s a good time to review your financial documentation for your writing business. The various government support schemes for this financial year may mean you need to retain additional information for this financial year.

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Unwrapping ISBNs

Why pay for an ISBN for your next self-published book, when some platforms will freely gift one to you? All businesses want lower costs to maximise profits, and that goes …

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Bring In The Harvest

Writing Magazine – November 2020

The freelancer’s world can be one of feast or famine. Simon Whaley investigates how to spread the harvest more evenly.

Traditionally, this is the time of year when farmers across the country bring in the harvest. Suddenly, there’s an abundance of food which, if carefully managed, will last through the winter.

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