The Freelance Photographer’s Project Book (Chapter 18)

The Freelance Photographers Project Book
The Freelance Photographers Project Book


Published by BFP books in 2005

Priced £22.50

ISBN: 9780907297567


The book contains 20 chapters set out as projects to help you sell your photography. It is aimed at the enthusiastic amateur and semi-professional who wants to sell their photos or increase their earnings from photography. Each project is written by a photographer experienced in the particular subject covered.

(I wrote Chapter 18.)


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Chapter 1 – Selling family photos
Chapter 2 – Selling outdoor photos
Chapter 3 – Selling wildlife photos
Chapter 4 – Selling country photos
Chapter 5 – Selling garden photos
Chapter 6 – Selling boating photos
Chapter 7 – Selling to photo mags
Chapter 8 – Selling to local papers
Chapter 9 – Selling travel photos
Chapter 10 – Selling architectural photos
Chapter 11 – Selling angling photos
Chapter 12 – Selling generic photos
Chapter 13 – Selling to house mags
Chapter 14 – Selling transport photos
Chapter 15 – Selling to home mags
Chapter 16 – Selling through libraries
Chapter 17 – Selling cards and calendars
Chapter 18 – Selling stock with articles
Chapter 19 – Mounting an exhibition
Chapter 20 – Producing a book



“This book is an absolutely marvelous resource for anybody contemplating anything to do with photojournalism. It is well written and delightfully illustrated and provides good information on how to get started. Published by the Bureau of Freelance Photographers, who should know what they’re talking about, you can expect to get professional and intelligent advice. It’s also full of interesting information and is a delight to read. You will certainly enjoy this book from cover to cover.” – Chris Carson (Amazon Review)