The Little Book Of Alternative Garden Wisdom

The Little Book of Alternative Garden Wisdom – available on Kindle

Published by Zymurgy Publishing in 2007

ISBN: 9781903506264

Discover the secrets that Charlie Dimmock, Alan Titchmarsh and Monty Don won’t tell you. This really is the ALTERNATIVE book of garden wisdom.


Garden design is a skilled art. A water feature is not an overflowing drainpipe. A compost heap is not the latest creation by next doors cat, and a border is not a small strip of wallpaper that goes around your fencing at waist height.

Deadheading is for faded. wilted flowers … not irritating members of the family.

Some gardener’s claim that their clay soil is too heavy. The solution is not to pick it up in the first place.


“They say all good things come in small packages and this is true of The Little Book of Alternative Garden Wisdom. A great, and funny, read for any gardener who’s ever retired to the potting shed for a quick lie down.” -Maureen Vincent-Northam (Amazon Review)