Wunderlist For Writers

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Title: Wunderlist For Writers (How To Use The To-Do List Software For All Of Your Writing Projects)

eBook format £2.99 (Amazon)

Download the Introduction and First Chapter for free: Wunderlist For Writers.


Want to get more done as a writer, but don’t know how? Getting fed up of constantly rewriting out to-do lists by hand, or losing them completely? Do you enjoy working on lots of writing projects but then lose track of where you are with them? Or would you just like to be a more productive as a writer?

Let me introduce you to Wunderlist: a free piece of productivity software that you can access online, and download the app to your desktop/laptop, tablet and smartphone (even if they all use different operating systems).

Wunderlist keeps track of all of your writing-related to-dos (and any others you put in it). A few minutes spent getting to grips with this software could completely transform the way you work as a writer. It has for me.

Wunderlist for Writers explains how I use the software to organise my writing projects, from articles and short stories to novels and non-fiction books.

It explains how to dump everything you need to do into the software and then start organising it. Create lists for each writing project and then determine what action steps you need to take in order to get that writing project finished.

I explain how easy it is to add due dates to your to-dos, insert sub-tasks (if necessary), augment your to-dos with notes, turn to-dos into recurring tasks, as well as how to filter them. Use Smart Lists to organise your day and tag your to-dos with keywords to help you find them when you need them most.

And there are also a couple of tricks you can use to make the most of this productivity software.

I’ve used several productivity software programmes over the years, but Wunderlist is the one that I’ve found works best for me. Perhaps it could help you too.


Chapter 1 – Creating Your First List
Chapter 2 – Project Lists and Folders
Chapter 3 – What Exactly Is A To-Do?
Chapter 4 – To-Do Options
Chapter 5 – Sorting To-Dos, and Smart Lists
Chapter 6 – Searching and Tagging
Chapter 7 – Bringing It All Together
Chapter 8 – Tips and Tricks
Chapter 9 – Support, Service Status, Privacy, and Backgrounds
Chapter 10 – The Final Tick Box