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The Original Salvager

  In 1925, Clough Williams-Ellis spent less than £5,000 buying a parcel of land, which he described as, “a neglected wilderness.” Today, on its 90th anniversary, we call it Portmeirion.  He was an architect by trade and had a vision for creating a coastal... read more

Age UK – The People’s Friend

  If you can get hold of a copy of The People’s Friend, dated 21st March 2015, then check out the feature exploring the life of an Age UK charity shop in Newport (for which I took the photos). In this month’s issue, shop manager Sharon reveals details... read more

Age UK Magazine Models

My latest batch of Age UK photos has been published in The People’s Friend magazine. They’re such a lovely team at the Newport, Shropshire shop, and they are all fantastically friendly, especially when they hate having their photos taken! Mind you, I can... read more

Where Do You Put A Library?

Last Wednesday evening I attended a public meeting organised by the Support Group of my local library, and I was delighted to see so many people there. Over 200 people forced themselves into the hall to hear what was said. And emotions ran high. Whilst this... read more

Pages of Influence

Ninety years ago Clough Williams-Ellis acquired the site that became Portmeirion. Simon Whaley discovers how Country Life came to influence the way it looks today. If it wasn’t for COUNTRY LIFE magazine Portmeirion would look a little different today. Ninety years... read more

Atomic Ice

Slow Journey County: Cumbria Slow Journey Destination: Claife Heights Slow Journey Distance Travelled: 0 Steps. My immediate thought was of radioactivity. It was a series of unmistakable clicks. But where from? Standing on Claife Heights, overlooking Beatrix... read more