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Seventy Two Feet

My latest story, Seventy Two Feet, has just been published in the May 2015 issue of Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special, out now. Grab a copy now in the shops while you... read more

Sign of the Times

  Sign of the Times was published in Australia’s Great Walks magazine (Feb/Mar 2015) Britain’s countryside offers some fantastic walking experiences, but in the past a wander through the great British outdoors could sometimes be spoilt by a hostile pub... read more

Over a quarter of a million copies …

Well, I can’t quite believe it, but my first book, One Hundred Ways For A Dog To Train Its Human, has now sold over a quarter of a million copies (250,141 to be precise). That’s a lot of dogs that have trained their humans... read more

Lurid Leominster

Further details of Leominster’s Festival have been released, along with information about workshops for writers. On Saturday 6th June there are three workshops for writers, of which I’m running two: Writers: – Come and meet the authors and take part... read more

The Original Salvager

  In 1925, Clough Williams-Ellis spent less than £5,000 buying a parcel of land, which he described as, “a neglected wilderness.” Today, on its 90th anniversary, we call it Portmeirion.  He was an architect by trade and had a vision for creating a coastal... read more

Age UK – The People’s Friend

  If you can get hold of a copy of The People’s Friend, dated 21st March 2015, then check out the feature exploring the life of an Age UK charity shop in Newport (for which I took the photos). In this month’s issue, shop manager Sharon reveals details... read more