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Enigmatic Stiperstones

Turn to the back page of the latest (August 2015) issue of Country Walking magazine to see my photo of the view from Shropshire’s Stiperstones, and why I like the Stiperstones so... read more

Deadly Good Stories in Murder in the Sun

Look out for a one-off publication, just out in the shops, called Murder in the Sun. It contains 23 crime stories, including my own Cops & Robbers and Mickey Mouse. The magazine is priced at £2.99 and can be bought directly from... read more

Writers Recommend Books For Writers

The August issue of Writers’ Forum magazine has an article by Glynis Scrivens, who asked several writers, including me, about the books on writing that we keep turning back to. For me, it’s Diana Cambridge’s How To Write An Article in One Weekend. I... read more

Another Visit to Age UK

Pick up a copy of the 18th July 2015 issue of The People’s Friend to see the latest monthly instalment of a year in the life of an Age UK charity shop, illustrated with my photos of the... read more

Ludlow Castle

This month’s Outdoor Photography magazine (July 2015) has one of my photos as one of the Viewpoint selections. It was taken last year, one summer’s evening, as I was wandering along the banks of the River Teme, around Ludlow Castle. Like all photography,... read more

Business of Writing – Get Help Through Business Synergies

  Businesses make themselves stronger by joining forces. Simon Whaley discovers how this can help your writing. Writing is a lonely occupation, but those writers who succeed tend to be the ones who seek support from elsewhere. In the world of business this is... read more

Brown Clee Hill

The June issue of Country Walking has my route exploring Brown Clee Hill in Shropshire. It’s a 6.5 mile route, with some fantastic views. View the video for a hint of what’s available from this route: For those of you with Trailzilla access, the route code... read more

Head and Shoulders

Following on from my feature in the June 2015 issue of Writers’ Forum about how to take an author photo, one of the biggest moans publishers and magazines have is that author photos are not of a high enough resolution. Ideally, author photos need to be high... read more

Ragleth Hill

The June 2015 issue has one of my photos for it’s Viewpoint section. It’s an image of the Long Mynd, taken from ragleth Hill in the evening sunlight (proof that the sun does shine some days!). This was taken on one of those wonderfully calm June evenings,... read more

Books For Writers – All In One Place

I’ve written three books that other writers may find useful (The Positively Productive Writer, Photography for Writers, and The Complete Article Writer), and now you can find out more about them simply by clicking on this one... read more

Business of Writing – Don’t Avoid The Diversion!

Keeping our writing business afloat isn’t easy. Simon Whaley chats to two writers who’ve found diversification has led to calmer seas.   Many writers dream of giving up the day job and writing full-time, which can be challenging in today’s environment. One way of... read more

Pointing Country Walking Magazine In The Right Direction

Check out the May 2015 issue of Country Walking magazine for an interesting piece of the delights to be found on the area covered by the Ordnance Survey’s Sheet 201 Explorer Map (Knighton & Presteigne), which includes a little quote from me and one of my... read more

Ideas and The Complete Article Writer

No writer worth their weight in text is without ideas. But sometimes conjuring them up feels more challenging than pushing a brussels sprout up to the top of Snowdon using only your nose. (By the way, that has been done, but it was an uphill challenge.) Writers need... read more

Seventy Two Feet

My latest story, Seventy Two Feet, has just been published in the May 2015 issue of Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special, out now. Grab a copy now in the shops while you... read more

Sign of the Times

  Sign of the Times was published in Australia’s Great Walks magazine (Feb/Mar 2015) Britain’s countryside offers some fantastic walking experiences, but in the past a wander through the great British outdoors could sometimes be spoilt by a hostile pub... read more