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I think today’s snow has taken a few by surprise. It wasn’t a lot, but it was enough to make an impact on some photos, so I uploaded one to my BBC WeatherWatchers account. Then I was sitting eating my lunch, watching the BBC’s One o’clock News, and as the camera panned out for the national forecast I could see a picture that looked familiar…

9th February 2016 BBC1 Lunchtime National News

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Snowy Stretton

A snowy surprise this morning! And sunshine. You can’t beat being on top of the hills and doing a 360. Not on day slike this.

Dog Days


Only dog walkers go out in all weathers. And, sometimes, if you stop and watch them, you can tell that they’re only out walking to please the other. they’d both rather be tucked up inside by a roaring log fire 😉

Changeable Clouds

There’s so much going on in these clouds … and not just the rain they’re about to distribute. There’s a range of colours and shapes. but I didn’t hang around too long … because of the rain!

Rain … Drop Circles

You’ve heard of crop circles … well, these are rain … drop circles. It’s been chucking it down all day today (and I mean all day). My first video was of the sound of the rain hitting the hood of my waterproof jacket, but a few minutes later I passed this pool in Townbrook Hollow. Because the water was (essentially) still, the ripples created by the raindrops created a mesmerising series of ever-growing circles. How may rain drops fell inside a rain…drop circle? I tried counting, but lost count there were so many.

Business of Writing: Press Trip Protocols

BoW - Press Trip Protocols

Press Trip Protocol – published in Writing Magazine – March 2016


Travel writing is not all about sipping cocktails on sun-drenched beaches. Simon Whaley packs his bags to explore the business etiquette of the press trip.

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Branching Out


I came across this fallen branch on my walk today, torn down by Storm Henry. And despite it now being a piece of dead wood, it was full of life: lichens and mosses.

Spotlight Sun

Sadly, the video doesn’t do it justice, but I was captivated by the landscape spotlighted by the sunshine as the wind pushed the clouds across the sky.

Sunshine Snapped for Shefali

3rd February 2016

Shefali used one of my WeatherWatcher photos today to show that while Staffordshire had lots of snow, Shropshire had all the sunshine.

Pembridge Perambulation

Pembridge - Country Walking - March 2016

Fancy a 7.5 mile wander around the beautiful Herefordshire countryside? Check out the March 2016 issue of Country Walking with my Pembridge route.

Anyone with access to TrailZilla can use the code TZID29008 for full details.

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