Another Positive Review

I’ve just discovered that someone has left another lovely review of The Positively Productive Writer. It’s great to know that the book is proving so useful to writers. Here’s what the reviewer had to say:

This book contains the best advice to writers I’ve ever read. Writing is a job that requires determination and positivity in industrial quantities and this book most certainly provides excellent guidelines and ideas that provoke both. And more. Simon deals with the “psychological battle of remaining positive’ (p. 49) and he uses well known psychological techniques in an innovative and clear way to help you win that battle every time. He talks about goal setting, the value of rewards and structuring time. How to deal with the problems that life, and being human, throw in the way of writing (families, friends, chores, work, the T.V., the internet, lethargy, thinking you can’t do it, thinking you’re no good …). He is especially good on how to deal with rejection, which all writers experience, and ‘writers block’. There’s no such thing: have a look at pages 87 to 92. 
Importantly, he writes about how to find ideas about what to write. And how to refresh your writing in new ways. Stuck? Read the book. 
As a clinical psychologist I found the psychological techniques very well portrayed. Most distilled accounts of behavioural and cognitive techniques bore me rigid. Simon’s use of them didn’t. As a writer the book prompted feelings of enthusiasm for my work and after reading the book I’ve already found a new outlook on my work. So,dealing with feelings plus sensible methods to organise and stimulate your writing and, essentially, remaining positive, is a winning formula. Writers: off you go then!

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