Beautiful Birdsong

And here it is. My last Mindful Moment of 2016. And to make the most of this you should turn up the volume and listen to the beautiful birdsong that accompanied me on my walk today.

To view all of the mindful moments I recorded this year, click here. You’ll see there are a plethora of visual views, close-up encounters, and aural entertainment.

The weather has been a dominant feature, which is understandable, seeing as my moments have occurred when I’ve been out for my daily walk. (And in case you’re wondering, over the course of 2016 I’ve clocked up 1,003.13 miles.)

It’s been an interesting year-long exercise. Some days were easier than others. On some days I took several videos and then had to decide which one I was going to put up on my website. Other days were harder, as I sought out something to focus on. But throughout 2016 these moments have forced me to stop and take stock of what is around me.

I think you’ll agree, it’s time to go and put my feet up now, for a rest. Happy New Year.