Stretton Fog

More fog today, but this time I clambered up the side of the Long Mynd, and I noticed how the hills on the eastern side of the Stretton Valley appeared to be holding back the fog. Ragleth, Helmeth, Hope Bowdler and Caer Caradoc were acting […]

See Fog

That magical moment, when all you can see is fog … below you. Today’s vista is from the summit of Ragleth Hill, and in the distance it was just possible to make out Brown Clee Hill, Shropshire’s highest peak, poking above the fog blanket.

Mistletoe Magic

Wandering into Carding Mill Valley on my walk this morning, this bright yellow/green clump of mistletoe stood out against the grey, lichen-covered branches of this tree. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Fog Sounds

A foggy morning this morning, usually indicative of stillness. But listen carefully, and the constant running water of Carding Mill can be heard. The sight is of still water, but the sound is of running water.


Sometimes, when the sun is at the right angle, it’s light catches the contours of the land below the Gaer Stone, and reveals the undulation of the ground. It’s not one steady-sliding slope, but a wrinkle of topsoil.

Stone Carving

Above the north door to our local church is this: a sheela na gig. There are rumours that some people wanted it covered up. Whether that’s to hide it from view, or to protect it from the elements, I’m not sure. But it’s a good […]

Weather Front

The weather front, out to the east, behind Wenlock Edge, Brown Clee, and Titterstone Clee Hill, looks like snow-clad Alps. I did a double-take (not easy when you only have one eye working at the moment), and then realised it was probably the back end […]