Skelwith Brathay

It’s strange. December has been a dry month (so far) here in the Lake District, and many of the rivers are low. Yet the River Brathay is still flowing well …

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555 Bus Ride

It’s a bus ride! It’s years since I’ve been on a bus! Quite a novelty. (And they have usb chargers on them.)

Mistletoe Magic

Wandering into Carding Mill Valley on my walk this morning, this bright yellow/green clump of mistletoe stood out against the grey, lichen-covered branches of this tree. It’s beginning to look …

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Hedge Haircut

I spent several minutes watching this farmer trimming this hedge this morning. Watching him manoeuvre the tractor back and forth several times made me realise that hedge trimming is not …

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Porcine Pleasure

It’s been a while since I last saw the pigs, when doing my walk. Is it me, or do they look fatter? 😝

Cloud Capped

Low mist and low cloud today – a definite capping of the tops of the Stretton Hills.

Peeling Bark

It was another cloudy, dank day today, so I went for a wander through Rectory Woods. It’s stupid but I’ve walked past this tree many times, but today it’s peeling …

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Tuneful Robin

(Turn up the volume a bit.) Look closely, and in the tree you can just make out a robin. He seemed chirpy that the sun was trying to break through …

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Fog Sounds

A foggy morning this morning, usually indicative of stillness. But listen carefully, and the constant running water of Carding Mill can be heard. The sight is of still water, but …

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Sometimes, when the sun is at the right angle, it’s light catches the contours of the land below the Gaer Stone, and reveals the undulation of the ground. It’s not …

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