Curious CLouds

The sun was working hard to break through the clouds this morning, but it meant it illuminated some really interesting patterns in the sky …

On Ragleth Hill

Those of you who know me will know I’m not a poet. Or rather, should I say, poetry is not a form of writing that comes naturally to me. But that’s one of the joys of going to a writers’ group … because it exposes you to writing and workshops that you wouldn’t naturally choose to go to. And so it was a few months ago at the writers’ group I go to, when we had a poetry workshop.

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Canine Canter

A dog walker in Carding Mill Valley this morning … their dog enjoying running though the stream in a moment of happiness.

Stone Carving

Above the north door to our local church is this: a sheela na gig. There are rumours that some people wanted it covered up. Whether that’s to hide it from …

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Weather Front

The weather front, out to the east, behind Wenlock Edge, Brown Clee, and Titterstone Clee Hill, looks like snow-clad Alps. I did a double-take (not easy when you only have …

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Rooting Around

Another damp, foggy day, but the dampness enhanced the grey/green hue of this beech tree and its wriggling roots clutching tightly to the hill side.

White Van Fog

Stillness. The air is so still the fog is set in for the day. There is no movement, except for a white van making its way through Carding Mill Valley.

Babbling Brook

The gurgling, babbling brook in Townbrook Hollow this morning, is proof that although it’s cold, it’s not cold enough to freeze this stream of energy.

Sunny Summit

A bright, crisp morning, this morning. I needed to get up onto Ragleth Hill. Gloriously clear from the top, although the wind was a bit too much for my eye. …

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Road Roar

You can tell how quiet it is by how noisy the road is. Does that make sense? The surrounding hills act like amplifiers as the sound bounces off the grassy …

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