Lower Whitcliffe and Wheelers Vallets

Out now in the February 2020 issue of Country Walking is my 7-mile wander around Lower Whitcliffe and Wheelers Vallets – just west of Ludlow.

It’s a gentle wander, perfect for taking slowly to explore the surrounding landscape, and offers some wonderful views, as well as the opportunity to spot some pretty impressive Victorian engineering.

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Sustainable Snowdonia

Issue 185 of The People’s Friend Special has just hit the newsstands, and it contains my feature on the Centre for Alternative Technology, near Machynlleth, Wales.

It really is one of those places that you have to visit for yourself, to get a greater understanding of what they do there. I was fortunate to visit back in June, when they were open to prospective post-graduates, who were looking to expanding their knowledge of sustainable building. Many of the potential post-graduates already had a degree in architecture, and were looking to augment their knowledge with gaining a greater understanding of how to make our buildings more sustainable for the future.

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The People’s Friend – Ironbridge

The front cover image of the bumper, double issue of this latest issue of The People’s Friend is of Ironbridge in the snow. It’s inspired by an image the magazine found a few years ago. When they commissioned me to write the piece, I asked them what colour the bridge was in the picture. Answer: grey. I then had to tell them that the Iron Bridge had recently undergone some restoration work and English Heritage had painted the bridge in its original colour: reddy brown. So, they had to change the colour of the bridge in their image!

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Readers Like Walking

I’ve been producing walking route descriptions for Country Walking magazine since 2004 (so my feet ache a bit now 🤣), and I always hope that my route descriptions are easy to follow.

It’s not that writing route descriptions are difficult – they’re not. It’s editing them to fit the 500-word count set by the magazine (and then hope they still make sense) that’s the challenge!

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Rydal Water

The December issue of Outdoor Photography magazine has one of my images in their Viewpoint section. It was taken during Christmas week last year, while I was staying in Grasmere. …

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Welsh Border Seven Castle Challenge

Check out the October issue of BBC Countryfile magazine for my Welsh Border Seven Castle Challenge.

BBC Countryfle – October 2019

This month’s theme is castles, and sitting on the border with the country with more castles per square mile than any other country in the world, I had to have a go at getting as many castles as I could into one article. In fact, I could have got many more, but these are the ones that I suggested you could visit in one day (although the magazine has suggested you may wish to make a weekend of it).

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Wallis’s First Dam

October marks the 40th anniversary of the death of one of this country’s most famous engineers: Barnes Wallis.

Best of British magazine – October 2019

To commemorate this, I’ve written a piece for the October issue of Best of British magazine looking at one of Wallis’s lesser known escapades in the Welsh Elan Valley.

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Historic Hereford

The People’s Friend

My feature on Hereford appeared in The People’s Friend’s issue dated 28th September 2019. When Alex, the Features Editor, commissioned me to write it I jumped at the chance, even though the city is only 40 miles from where I live, and it’s a place where I’ve worked from time to time (both Herefordshire Council, and the Diocese of Hereford have offices there).

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Elan Valley – The People’s Friend – Bonus Bits!

This week’s issue of The People’s Friend has my Elan Valley travel piece as the front cover image. If you’ve never been to the area before, I hope it whets your appetite – or should I say ‘wets’ your appetite 🙂 

As is always the case, when you go off and explore an area you can never include everything in the finished article, so here are some photos that didn’t make it into the published feature.

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