Welsh Border Seven Castle Challenge

Check out the October issue of BBC Countryfile magazine for my Welsh Border Seven Castle Challenge.

BBC Countryfle – October 2019

This month’s theme is castles, and sitting on the border with the country with more castles per square mile than any other country in the world, I had to have a go at getting as many castles as I could into one article. In fact, I could have got many more, but these are the ones that I suggested you could visit in one day (although the magazine has suggested you may wish to make a weekend of it).

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Wallis’s First Dam

October marks the 40th anniversary of the death of one of this country’s most famous engineers: Barnes Wallis.

Best of British magazine – October 2019

To commemorate this, I’ve written a piece for the October issue of Best of British magazine looking at one of Wallis’s lesser known escapades in the Welsh Elan Valley.

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Historic Hereford

The People’s Friend

My feature on Hereford appeared in The People’s Friend’s issue dated 28th September 2019. When Alex, the Features Editor, commissioned me to write it I jumped at the chance, even though the city is only 40 miles from where I live, and it’s a place where I’ve worked from time to time (both Herefordshire Council, and the Diocese of Hereford have offices there).

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Elan Valley – The People’s Friend – Bonus Bits!

This week’s issue of The People’s Friend has my Elan Valley travel piece as the front cover image. If you’ve never been to the area before, I hope it whets your appetite – or should I say ‘wets’ your appetite 🙂 

As is always the case, when you go off and explore an area you can never include everything in the finished article, so here are some photos that didn’t make it into the published feature.

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The Long Mynd – Outdoor Photography

The viewpoint image in this month’s Outdoor Photography magazine (July 2019 issue) was taken from Burway Hill, overlooking Caer Caradoc, The Lawley and The Wrekin.

In the accompanying text, I recommend parking in Carding Mill Valley and then picking up the Burway lane, which climbs up onto the Long Mynd.

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Wandering Around Whitton

The June 2019 issuse of Country Walking magazine contains my 7 ¾ mile wander around the Welsh Border village of Whitton.

Whitton is one of those places that feels as if it’s in the middle of nowhere, yet is only 3 miles from the English/Welsh border.

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Steamy Severn-side Saunter

Step inside the Spring 2019 issue of Country Walking magazine and you’ll find my steamy Severn-side saunter route description. Don’t let the steamy label make you think it’s a walk that will get you out of puff – instead, watch the puffing steam trains go by as the path runs parallel to the Severn Valley Railway.

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Captivating Crickhowell – Bonus Bits!

My feature about the Welsh Border town of Crickhowell can be found in the current issue of The People’s Friend, and as with all such pieces, there’s only so much that you can fit into three pages, and only so many photos. So here’s some bonus bits that didn’t make the cut …

Captivating Crickhowell in the issue dated 2nd March 2019 of The People’s Friend

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