Frost Patterns

Here’s a rarity this winter (so far!). We’ve had a frost this morning, and the patterns on top of the cars are truly amazing. Such a shame the sun will …

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Me, And My Shadow

  For a brief moment, it stopped raining and the sun came out … long enough to appreciate my shadow (although it does fade slightly, about half way through this …

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Ann Cook

A more unusual mindful moment, probably. In my local churchyard is a gravestone to Ann Cook, who as the gravestone declares: On a Thursday she was born, On a Thursday …

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Squelching Mud

What can I say? Another deluge overnight, so it was another watery-themed mindful moment. But at least it was captured in glorious sunshine. It has to be said … it’s …

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Caer Caradoc Cloud

It’s not as clear here in the video as it was in reality, but I spent several minutes watching the low cloud drifting across and clipping the top of Caer …

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Slo Mo Bubbles

We’ve had a lot more rain, so today’s mindful moment is water-themed … yet again (it’s everywhere!). But a small stream nearby was in full spate, and I loved watching …

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Windy Weather

After yesterday’s tranquil birdsong, today’s mindful moment meant coping with gusty winds. There wasn’t any birdsong today!    

Bird Chorus

A calm, warm day, which is a bit of a luxury after all the storms we’ve had recently. It must be why all the birds are singing. (Turn your volume …

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Every Drop Counts

It seems my mindful moments at present are dominated by water, but the weather is rather wet, and has been for some time. Instead of watching huge volumes of water …

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Floating on Air

A mindful moment? It was as I imagined what it would be like to be that ball, suspended in midair, albeit by a powerful jet of air!