Christoph Snapper

Well, Storm Christoph certainly dumped a lot of water on us overnight on Wednesday night. It was lashing the windows so hard it I had to turn the volume up on the television. Then I suddenly noticed it had gone quiet. Must have stopped raining at last, I thought. Wrong. When I peaked through the curtains into the darkness, the rain had turned to snow.

The following morning dawn bright. Yes. Sunshine! So, having spent the past few weeks pounding the pavements for my walk, I decided to conquer Ragleth Hill again. I’ve never seen so much mud. We may have had nearly a month of freezing temperatures, but the ground is not cold. It was a battle to climb a hill when the ground is so soft your foot slides back down two-thirds of the step that you’d climbed.

But the view on top was worth it … and made even more sweet by its appearance on the weather later in the evening.

BBC Midlands Today – Evening Broadcast.