Crossing The Threshold

Crossing the Threshold was written by Simon Whaley for the Hereford Diocese

The Crossing the Threshold toolkit was produced for the Diocese of Hereford’s Conference (of the same name), held in November 2009 to inspire and encourage communities up and down the country to find ways to adapt their Church building enabling them to use it for multi-purpose community use as well as congregational worship.

As the Diocesan website says, “The toolkit was produced as a response to demand from parishes at the start of their journey down this road towards returning their buildings to their communities. This is an easy to follow step by step resource containing exactly the sort of information any parish will need to know.

The entire toolkit is available free of charge and can be downloaded from the Diocese of Hereford’s website. Click on the links below to download each section (in PDF format).

An Outline Sketch – The Context
Tool Sheet 1 Creative Licence – Generating Ideas
Tool Sheet 2 Jack Of All Trades – Assesssing your Skills & Abilities
Tool Sheet 3 Colour Charts & Swatches – Getting People’s Views & Opinions
Tool Sheet 4 Hammering Out the Detail – OptionsAppraisal, Feasibility, Architects Brief
Tool Sheet 5 Dovetailing New Wood with Old – Legalities & the Church Planning Process
Tool Sheet 6 Measure Twice, Cut Once – Project Planning
Tool Sheet 7 Paint Strippers & Solvents – Project Sustainability
Tool Sheet 8 Square Pegs, Round Holes – Finding the Right Funders
Tool Sheet 9 Nailing your Message Home – Selling your Project to Funders
Tool Sheet 10 Valves & Taps – Project cashflow
Tool Sheet 11 Finishing Touches, The Big Reveal! – Claiming Money,Completeing Reports, Celebrating, Impact & Evaluation
Tool Sheet 12 Manual Labour – Additional Sources of Information

© Simon Whaley

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