I’m Gonna Be A Magazine Model …

Tom Bailey and Rachel Broomhead from Country Walking

Last Tuesday, I discovered what it meant to be a magazine model. Pictured here (yes, at least I got a modicum of revenge) are Tom Bailey and Rachel Broomhead, from Country Walking magazine, who wanted to explore the southern end of Wenlock Edge, and chose to do a route I’d recently tackled for them. I had a crash course in being a magazine model for a walking magazine (look up, not at your feet – which is the natural thing to do so you don’t trip over any tree roots or rocks), smile … or grit your teeth, whichever feels most natural, and to do everything at least three times – including crossing that ford.

Rumour has it, the piece will appear in an upcoming issue of the magazine. I may mention it to you when it’s published … then again, I may not. I’ll be judge of that when I see what the photos look like!

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